Bringing creative thinking to business.

Since the day we started in 1985 we’ve always believed there is a need for more creative thinking in business. We also believe that notion is as relevant today as it was back then. If you’d like to learn more about us and how we do things (we’re flattered, by the way), feel free to look around.

When we started in 1985, our goal was to provide more creative thinking in business.

And we’ve been able to do just that by following one very important driving tenet: To always honor the worth of people. All people. That’s why we strive to maintain an environment where everyone is free and safe to share their gifts and, as a result, are able to bring our clients truly creative perspectives to ongoing problems.

Marlin Network is in the business of handling our business so our affiliates can focus on yours.

We engage in an intuitive approach to problem solving and creative communications. One I’m sure you’d expect your agency to follow. Our difference comes from our individual affiliate groups. You see, it’s the collection of unique talents and gifts they bring to the table that truly shapes your experiences with us. If you’d like to learn more about our affiliates and how they approach their business, please click on their respective links.

Here are a few of our network stats:

  • Established 1985
  • Strong business growth every year
  • 4 locations in Springfield, Missouri
  • Representing over 70 leading food & beverage brands
  • Number 1 purchaser of foodservice focused media
  • Staffing of 84 professionals
  • Annual Capitalized Billings: $61 Million
  • Scope of work ranges from domestic to global assignments

Some of the areas we work in:

  • Business consulting
  • Branding
  • Strategic services
  • Creative services
  • Media and public relations
  • Interactive/Digital/Mobile
  • Culinary
  • Market and consumer insights
  • Innovation
  • National/Key account development
  • Production

We don’t believe the value of a product is fully realized until the point of consumption.

That’s the core of how we approach things at Marlin Network: Consumption-based marketing (CBM). That means we don’t just develop ideas, push them out to consumers and hope they choose them. We’re concerned with why they choose them. It’s all about finding out what works and what doesn’t at the point of consumption. We want to make sure that your brand is constantly staying relevant with consumers and be able to determine what about your brand and products is really driving the consumption of it in the marketplace.