Rob has spent more than twenty years building relationships in the worlds of advertising and field sales management, working with an impressive portfolio of clients as an advocate for simple, strategically driven creative ideas. He has been focused on the food and beverage industry with experience in the foodservice equipment, packaging, and architectural products segments. He’s excited to start conversations that uncover opportunities to put Marlin Network’s industry-leading creative and strategic thinkers to work to meet the goals of smart brands.


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Perspectives by Rob Nelson

Shared Spaces Marketing

A lot of times when you meet someone new, they ask “So, what do you do?” Over the years, I’ve answered with “Food marketing,” or maybe, “I help companies sell the food that restaurants sell to you.” But when I meet someone in the food industry, someone who understands the complexities of channel marketing, someone who might be reading an article on our company website right now, I tell them about Shared Spaces.