Creativity is the heart of culinary. And culinary is the heart of your business. So you need ideas you can put to work now. We provide big, insight-driven thinking that inspires solutions with consumer appeal and of-the-moment relevance. We’ll help you seize the opportunities of the “right now.”


  • Insights

    Our culinary creative teams keep the consumer front and center throughout every project. Whether we’re discussing brands, products, menus, recipes or cultural flavor trends, it all begins and ends with relevant consumer perspectives. We are in a constant state of discovery through observation and monitoring of consumer behavior as it relates to engagement in the marketplace.

  • Culinary

    We start every culinary challenge with the end in mind. Our ability to work inside, alongside and independently from your team is a reflection of our flexibility and discipline. We believe it is our job to bring our culinary gifts to your initiative in a way that best suits you. Our range of expertise extends from fine dining to QSR, contract feeding to grocery retail and industrial. We have worked on recipes for one and products for the masses, all with the same level of detail and attention to the end consumer.

  • Field Trips

    Roll up your sleeves and prepare to dive deep. Have you ever sifted through another person’s pantry, freezer and trash? Or spent an afternoon watching the front doors of a Walmart? We have. We believe walking a mile in the shoes of those we wish to reach is the best way to uncover the real and relevant opportunities that your competitors might be missing. That’s why our field trips are so impactful. We are insight enthusiasts and we can show you how these outings are one of our best tools for discovery and team cohesion.

    Whether your goal is to learn more about how millennials are reacting to hand-held options on college university campuses, or the next relevant trend washing over the grocery produce category, we will take you to the heart of the action. We have spent time literally around the globe hosting strategic and insightful tours with a wide variety of channels, categories, segments and targets.

  • Innovation

    Innovation can truly set you apart from others in your category or channel. We understand and value the difference between innovation and product or menu development. Whether you are set on one or the other or you would like our help in determining the right path for you, we’ll leverage our experience and expertise to help you bring the right mix to market. Our proven approach has led to game-changing menu performance and off-the-shelf category lift worth bragging about.

  • Flavor Curve

    Updated quarterly, the Flavor Curve and Beverage Curve are our tools to track flavors as they move across the food and beverage industry. Divided into three columns, the Curve highlights mainstream, opportunity and emerging flavors that we believe are important to watch.

  • Menu Match

    Identifying and showcasing proper food and beverage pairings offers the opportunity to enhance the dining experience and dimension to flavor components. This opportunity is often overlooked and underutilized as a marketing tool.

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