We are digital marketers, brand experience designers, (label du jour here). But more accurately, The Alchemedia Project is a project in progress—always evolving and adapting to the ever-on marketplace, working to connect people and brands in ways that serve both better.

Recent Work

  • Lost & Found Grief Support Center

    When someone dies, no one knows what to say. For grieving families, Lost & Found provides a safe, caring place to talk about loss. A collaboration between The Alchemedia Project, deep, and Bruton-Stroube, this campaign celebrates the healing that happens when families share their love out loud.

  • Heart Strings

    As the #1 brand of the world’s #1 beverage, there’s no question that Lipton is loved. So we got out of the way and let the tea tell the story.

  • Craft Your Legacy

    As the original craft beer battered fries and appetizers, Brew City set out to inspire restaurant operators to blaze new trails and craft their own legacies today.

  • The Amiable Snowman

    How does a beast look his best? The Abominable Snowman didn’t have a thing to wear to the biggest party of the season. So we brought yeti back with this tailored tale of holiday spirit.

  • The Afternoon Draggin’

    A long day can be a real drag. To help c-store customers beat the mid-day monotony, we created the Afternoon Draggin’, a sleepy little beasty whose nemesis is the sweet, creamy, refreshing flavor of International Delight iced coffee.

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