DMARC Get Set Go

Email has arguably been a cornerstone for digital communication in the internet age, but email has some painful flaws that still need to be addressed. Email as a technology grew from very simple beginnings in the 1960s. It started out simply as a way to leave a message for a user in a file folder on a computer that those users would see when they logged into the mainframe. This eventually grew into a program that could be used to easily share messages from one user to another on the same computer.

Tom Rankin
Director of Technology

Google’s DeepMind AI

In 2014, Google acquired a British artificial intelligence company, DeepMind Technologies, with the goal of creating a general-purpose artificial intelligence (AI). The algorithm, Alpha Go, beat a human at the ancient Chinese board game “Go.” It’s not the first time a machine has outwitted a human at a game, but this particular game proves the AI’s ability to approximate human intuition and critical thinking. The Google AI uses a technique called “deep reinforcement learning,” which makes it different from other forms of AI like IBM’s Deep Blue or Watson, Siri, and Google Now.

Doren Chapman
Motion Art Director

The Gastronomic Journey of Coffee

For a couple hundred years the production of coffee was kept secret in Yemen until the mid-1600’s when a clever and sleek Dutch navy boat was able to sail of the port of Java in Indonesia with a couple of live seedlings. The vessel was then off to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Amsterdam where the plant was reproduced and later used as a gift for King Louis the 14th of France. It was that coffee plant in Versailles, which became the ancestor to all other plants in the European continent.

Jorge Cespedes
Corporate Chef

Foodservice Media: Worth a Fresh Look

Should you invest in foodservice media? We’ve all heard “print is dead” or “no one has time to read trade pubs anymore”. Even digital advertising has its naysayers who claim, “I subscribe to more e-newsletters than I can possibly read” or “no one clicks on banner ads.”

Janet Brooks
Media Planner

The Evolution of PR

In past years, PR programs have been primarily driven by traditional earned media strategies – submission of product news and pitches to magazine editors. The borders between paid, owned and earned are becoming less black & white and we’re seeing a shift toward content marketing amplification. As the role of PR in communications plans evolves, so must our skills.

Amber Hensley
Public Relations Director

Begin With The End In Mind

Outside of our industry, it’s easy to overlook the complexity of the work we do. From finding the right segment for a new product, to understanding the appropriate medium for a brand refresh, there’s a strange array of factors to consider in the foodservice marketplace. Lucky for our clients, we’re experts in the category. Our experience has equipped us to solve any challenge and if something new comes to the forefront, we do our best work to find an optimal solution. For planners, that means improving how we measure success.

Michelle Johnson
Associate Media Planner