What Wall Street Wants

Let’s face it, in an industry known for penny-profit, making a buck is getting harder and harder. In “younger” segments of commercial food service, like fast casual, unit count expansion is the #1 growth strategy employed by executives. And this works for a while. As segments mature, growth is harder to achieve. The darling fast casual segment recently dropped below its double-digit growth rates for the first time in recent history.

Sheri Austin
EVP/General Manager

Work that Works

There’s an old adage that marketers use, “I know half of my marketing budget doesn’t work, I just don’t know which half.” That was once true. Clients had to rely on agency account directors or creative directors to translate results. Not necessarily the case anymore. In this age of analytics and big data, there are dozens of measurements to tell us what work works and what work doesn’t. But even as sophisticated as our ability to gather metrics has become, there is still no secret formula, no app or algorithm for generating ideas.

Tim Bade
Chief Creative Director

What does “better for you” mean in 2018?

What foods are good for you? It’s tempting to see this question as a modern concern, but the connection between food and health goes back through recorded history.

Meredith Daca
Senior Culinary Planner

Featured Team Member

Meet Allison Cash

VP Client Services, The Alchemedia Project

Allison’s prolific career in food includes national accounts sales, retail operations, product development and integrated brand strategy. With experience as a manufacturer, retailer, and marketer, Allison brings her broad industry perspective and insight to every engagement. This awareness and appreciation of the complexities at every position, guide Allison as a committed partner who believes that side by side is the most effective way to lead.