Sheri Austin

EVP/General Manager

Sheri’s career has spanned all categories and channels including extensive experience across the supply chain, in both B2B and B2C marketing. She is a sought-after food and beverage marketing expert with a forward-thinking approach to digital marketing. A recognized thought-leader in branding, account planning, product marketing and customer development, Sheri is known for asking the tough questions, posing the “what if” possibilities and pushing for original answers.  She holds a B.S. in Marketing, an M.B.A., and co-founded network agency, The Alchemedia Project, in 2009 with partner, Tim Bade.  When she’s not marketing food, she’s preparing it for a household of boys.

Tim Bade

Chief Creative Director

As Marlin Network’s creative lead, Tim fosters an open environment with a cross-functional creative team made up of storytellers, technologists and motion media experts. Tim believes in the blending of technology and creative applied to simple ideas that break through the clutter and create real impact for brands. His 29 years in food and beverage branding have earned him plenty of awards, but Tim is most proud of work that works.

Stephanie Hart

VP Growth & Innovation

Stephanie’s experience leading a vast portfolio of clients across food and beverage and beyond has provided her with the range of category and omni-channel experience that makes her a second-to-none brand builder.  Her broad and objective perspective combined with her passion to create a culture of growth that benefits all stakeholders enables her to see opportunities others do not. Always on the hunt for the next collaborative win and inquisitive by nature, she’s excited to start conversations that uncover opportunities to put Marlin Network’s creative and strategic thinkers to work to meet the goals of smart brands.

Gerald Schmitz

Human Resources Manager

Gerald is an experienced HR Manager who has performed and taught HR skills in various industries and locations throughout the world.  With extensive experience in managing, developing and training human resource departments for various domestic and foreign business and government entities, Gerald has learned that no matter where we work, grace and patience in the work place are key attributes to employee success.

Sam Holliday

Finance Manager

As Marlin Network’s Finance Manager, Sam passionately works with business leaders to meet clients’ expectations providing unique solutions, management of projects, and collaborating with team members in thinking outside-the-box. He also guides the accounting & business teams in their day-to-day financial strategy of the company, budget oversight, and preparation of monthly financial & management reports. Sam holds a B.S. in Finance, M.B.A. and is also a veteran on the United States Marine Corps. When not at work, he enjoys the majestic and beautiful Ozarks with his family and volunteering with youth organizations.

Matt Rose

Executive Creative Director, Marlin Company

Matt has the uncanny ability to see the big picture while creating precise and inspiring ideas. Matt began his advertising career in NYC, working on everything from cameras, spirits to financial. Attracted by the culture and dedication to award-winning creative and strategic work, Matt joined Marlin in 2000. Here he has been pivotal in developing and nurturing all types of brand projects for Food and Beverage clients, as well as directing the agency creative team. Away from work, you can usually find him busy raising kids, perfecting his smoke to sauce ratio on the grill or hunting for that next old rusty flea market find to resurrect.

Vanessa Brandt

Managing Director, Marlin Company

Vanessa has the enviable skill of bridging gaps—from reconnecting disconnects in communication to identifying the path from where a client is to where they want to be. A true leader, she inspires successful growth with a direct and thoughtful approach: listen; engage; empower. She has an impressive track record of brand development on a global scale that underscores her value as a strategist. Above all, it’s Vanessa’s ability to recognize and cultivate the best parts of brands, talent and work that makes her an invaluable member of the Marlin family. Her secret to productivity? Phone-less, computer-less conversations.

Shawn Finger

Executive Creative Director, The Alchemedia Project

A founding member of The Alchemedia Project with more than two decades' experience in foodservice marketing, Shawn has developed creative strategies and campaigns for many of the world’s largest food brands. A writer by trade, she leads Creative Services as an advocate for simple, insightful ideas that meet the audience where they are. Her effective partnerships with planners, service leads and clients is the result of a collaborative style that puts listening first.

Desiree McNamara

VP Client Service

Making Naperville her home office, Desiree’s brand of service is sleeves-up, detail-minded and outcomes-driven.  She partners closely with brand owners and internal service teams to maintain momentum.  She has 25+ years of agency service, including executive leadership roles.  Her foodservice industry experience is deep, as is her exposure to global clients with large, inter-dependent organizational structures.

Allison Cash

VP Client Services, The Alchemedia Project

Allison’s prolific career in food includes national accounts sales, retail operations, product development and integrated brand strategy. With experience as a manufacturer, retailer, and marketer, Allison brings her broad industry perspective and insight to every engagement. This awareness and appreciation of the complexities at every position, guide Allison as a committed partner who believes that side by side is the most effective way to lead.

Jackie Haldiman

VP, Integrated Communications

With 12 years of proven strategic planning skills, Jackie has a passion for delivering closed-loop marketing campaigns to meet client objectives & move prospects through the customer journey. She puts client needs first, providing recommendations centered on results. Jackie has augmented her traditional advertising experience with social engagement, search engine marketing, campaign analytics, and recontact email campaigns.

Richard Browne

VP Technology

Richard has over 20 years of digital engineering experience across many industries including healthcare, finance and advertising. He serves as both an architect and a strategist for complex software endeavors. Whether creating a vision, defining a plan or executing strategy, Richard has a proven history of delivering effective technology solutions on time and on budget.

Carrie Sabourin

Director, Strategic Planning

Carrie will advocate for the consumer/customer with insightful strategies that change purchase behavior. A 20-year agency veteran, Carrie’s career spans client service and strategic planning. She is a B2B marketing expert, with deep food and beverage sector knowledge. Carrie holds a B.A. in Business Administration – Marketing from Truman State University. When not at work, she explores what’s great about living in Chicago in an effort to maintain her “Cool Aunt” status to her eight nieces and nephews.