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The Alchemedia Project

At The Alchemedia Project we help brands delight operators and consumers alike. Leveraging strategy, technology and creativity, we intersect their days with captivating experiences that turn potential into profits. If food + bev is the world you serve, we’d love to help you connect in all the right places.

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We Are Fearless Foodies

The Alchemedia Project is a full-service, foodservice marketing agency. That means we love gathering around, thinking about, strategizing for and, most of all, eating food. If food is what you do, we’d love to serve you.

Our Team

Each of us brings our unique talents together (like alchemy) to make work smarter for our clients. We are a sum of i’s who together create beautiful work that fuels results for our clients.

Venessa Brandt

Vice President of Account Services

Tim Bade

Chief Creative Officer

Brian Neyer

Senior Account Director

Megan Brammeier

Group Creative Director

Sharyl Syring

Sharyl Syring

Media Director

Chris Wolf

Senior Vice President of Insights

Kaylyn Bender

Account Supervisor

Elizabeth Brooks

Digital Strategy Director

Katey Hobbs

Account Supervisor

Michaela Brady

Account Executive

Stefanie Vochatzer

Senior UX Designer

Austin Peterson

Sr Manager Reporting & Analytics

Brian Norris

Senior Web Developer

Chelzey Moore

Senior Account Executive

Matt Greene

Creative Director

Tony Ruzicka

Senior Writer

Bill Mammorella

Senior Production Manager

Charissa Floer

Art Director

Brandon Glaser

Account Supervisor

Jenni Repschleger


Contact Us!

Vanessa Brandt is standing by to discuss. Reach out today!

Vanessa Brandt

Vice President of Client Services

Vanessa has the enviable skill of bridging gaps—from reconnecting disconnects in communication to identifying the path from where a client is to where they want to be. A true leader, she inspires successful growth with a direct and thoughtful approach: listen; engage; empower. She has an impressive track record of brand development on a global scale that underscores her value as a strategist. Above all, it’s Vanessa’s ability to recognize and cultivate the best parts of brands, talent and work that makes her an invaluable member of the Marlin family. Her secret to productivity? Phone-less, computer-less conversations.

Vanessa Brandt
Locations In:

BOSTON, Massachusetts
CHICAGO, Illinois
DENVER, Colorado
IRVINE, California

NEW YORK, New York
ST. LOUIS, Missouri

For brands that are going places.

From daily coffee stops to weekend lunch capades to once-in-a-lifetime vacations, consumers are always on the go. Brands that meet them where they are with the products, services and experiences that delight will win. Marlin Network is a destinations marketing agency that understands where guests are going, what makes them stay and what brings them back for more.

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