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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter

At Marlin Network, we share their commitment to creating workspaces where everyone is respected, valued for their uniqueness and has opportunities to succeed. We are dedicated to nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion across our company by cultivating an environment built on openness, acceptance and safety that encourages individual authenticity.

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Our Involvement

Embracing the shared spaces in society means embracing each of our team members and the communities in which we live. We do this by intentionally creating opportunities for personal connections, providing ongoing training programs focused on personal growth and understanding everyone’s role in creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture while also engaging in betterment activities within our communities.

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The Greater Chatham Initiative Food Lab

Using our team’s skillset and resources, we support independent restaurants located on the southside of Chicago with education, menu engineering and menu innovation.

CSSI Marketing + Culinary, a Marlin Network agency, has teamed up with the Greater Chatham Initiative and FoodLab Chicago to help restaurant owners on the South side of Chicago achieve continued growth and success. CSSI is hosting several educational sessions to share our team’s marketing and culinary expertise with Greater Chatham business owners. We are also developing online informational modules and providing one-on-one coaching and menu innovation. ​

The purpose of these efforts is to address the liquidity crisis, minimize job loss, reduce the financial impact on Black communities, and mitigate the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants so far have reported huge benefits in increased revenue or cost savings, receiving one-one-one support, and extensive networking opportunities.

Learn more about the Greater Chatham Initiative

Learn more about FoodLab Chicago

Chicago Food Lab Website

Our Employee Resource Groups

Building Community Together
Advantage founded Employee Resource Groups to foster a culture of inclusivity. Many of our Marlin Network team members are involved, from holding leadership roles, to belonging to volunteering support, to participating in key Employee Resource Group initiatives. These ERGs offer associates the opportunity to build community, feel valued and visible, grow personally and professionally, and bring their perspectives to topics that spur innovation and build business.

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The focus of Black & African-American Network Diversified (BAND) is education, awareness, inclusion and community.

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Disabilities in Action is helping to create opportunities and a community that support associates with disabilities and their allies.


The purpose of HOLA! is to attract, retain and empower Latinx associates.

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The aim of Inspire is to attract, retain and foster a diverse global community of Asian talent.

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Our House addresses issues related to family responsibilities and work/life well-being.

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PRISM supports the Advantage LGBTQIA community and its allies, helping to nurture personal and professional growth.

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The Warrior Support Crew is helping to create a workplace that supports the needs of veterans and their families.

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The Women’s Interactive Network’s purpose is to engage and empower women and advocate for the advancement of all.

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