Our Core Values

What We Stand for: Shared Values

Listening. Learning. Finding common ground. Helping one another. Sharing is at the core of who we are and why we’re exceptional marketers.

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Our Ideals in Action

We are optimists, approaching every person and project with positive expectations. We have courage to be creative, to make it bigger, to try and try again.

We are food experts who foster the next generation of industry leaders by investing in the training, growth and inspiration of every associate.

We champion the needs of individuals, whether it’s strategy, code, media, recipes, messaging or art, our ideas are rooted in insight.

We believe that laughter and camaraderie bring out our best work, so we prioritize time to welcome, celebrate and appreciate each other.

We are resourceful, ambidextrous talents who take pride in our crafts and our company, and are empowered to influence our shared destiny through self-management and accountability.

See Where You Fit Into the Mix

Locations In:

BOSTON, Massachusetts
CHICAGO, Illinois
DENVER, Colorado
IRVINE, California

NEW YORK, New York
ST. LOUIS, Missouri

For brands that are going places.

From daily coffee stops to weekend lunch capades to once-in-a-lifetime vacations, consumers are always on the go. Brands that meet them where they are with the products, services and experiences that delight will win. Marlin Network is a destinations marketing agency that understands where guests are going, what makes them stay and what brings them back for more.

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