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Jeff Daniel

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Jeff Daniel, Director of Integrated Connections at Marlin Network

SVP of Integrated Connections

Jeff Daniel leads a team of media, social and performance analytics experts across the Advantage Enterprise. He has extensive omni-channel strategic expertise across brand, shopper and e-commerce objectives, building go-to-market and measurable strategies that inspire, engage and drive consumers to act. As fuel for the omni-channel experiences he leads,clients also seek his expertise for data strategy, technology consultation and connected commerce solutions. He holds experience across many B2C & B2B verticals, client examples including Starbucks, Kellogg’s, Beam Suntory, Tyson, Constellation Brands and Johnson & Johnson to name a few.

jeff daniel's wife and newborn daughter

Newborn daughter recent addition.

jeff daniel's kansas city BBQ

Kansas City BBQ born and raised.

jeff daniel's landscaping and gardening

Landscaping and gardening fanatic.

jeff daniels catching a small fish

Recent fishing hobbyist learning to catch bigger fish.

Jeff Daniel's art and voiceover fun

Art and voiceover fun.

Perspectives By Jeff Daniel

What’s the Hubbub?

Jeff Daniel

Jeff Daniel

SVP of Integrated Connections
Apple, namely Tim Cook, has been talking about the need for transparency around data collected on consumers and to give consumers control over whether they want data collected about them or not...
Digital data security

A Marketing Approach: Division vs. Brand

Jeff Daniel

Jeff Daniel

SVP of Integrated Connections
Most of the communication planning requests we get are tied to promotion of a particular brand or product, which makes sense – that’s where the sales happen. This approach, however, tends to isolate each brand plan, not allowing the company to take advantage of bigger, more integrated opportunities…
Person deciding which door to enter
Locations In:

CHICAGO, Illinois

IRVINE, California
ST. LOUIS, Missouri

For brands that are going places.

From daily coffee stops to weekend lunch capades to once-in-a-lifetime vacations, consumers are always on the go. Brands that meet them where they are with the products, services and experiences that delight will win. Marlin Network is a destinations marketing agency that understands where guests are going, what makes them stay and what brings them back for more.

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