Brad has 10+ years creating delightful digital experiences that make people's lives easier and more meaningful. He values minimalism, honest feedback and team collaboration. Brad brings a multidisciplinary background of visual design, photography, art direction, user experience methodologies, research and front-end design to every project.


Perspectives by Brad Hill

Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

As a marketer, you know the importance of content. That’s not changing any time soon. But in 2020, there’s a new buzzword that’s driving the strategy and success of worldwide marketing efforts: experience. Back in 2014, we saw content-first design hit peak momentum. Then mobile-first design came on the scene, which is still widely considered the best practice for digital marketing. Then, Google shifted the conversation toward experience. In 2017 Google CEO Sundar Pichai summarized the Google I/O keynote by describing, “An important shift from a mobile-first world to an AI-first world.” When Google announces a monumental move that impacts the core of its business, it’s worth paying attention.

How to Go Digital (and 4 Ways You Shouldn’t)

You need an online presence to better serve your customers and operators, but do not fall into the temptation to go with anyone other than an experienced digital marketing agency.

DMARC Get Set Go

Email has arguably been a cornerstone for digital communication in the internet age, but email has some painful flaws that still need to be addressed. Email as a technology grew from very simple beginnings in the 1960s. It started out simply as a way to leave a message for a user in a file folder on a computer that those users would see when they logged into the mainframe. This eventually grew into a program that could be used to easily share messages from one user to another on the same computer.