Brad has 10+ years creating delightful digital experiences that make people's lives easier and more meaningful. He values minimalism, honest feedback and team collaboration. Brad brings a multidisciplinary background of visual design, photography, art direction, user experience methodologies, research and front-end design to every project.


Perspectives by Brad Hill

Our Need for Speed

Back in 1993, Jakob Nielsen published an article entitled, “Response Times: The 3 Important Limits.” His research was ground breaking and impacted computer software design for years to come. In ’93, there were 623 websites on the entire internet, primarily used by scientists and scholars. Most Americans were blissfully unaware of the Internet, or the “information super highway” as we called it for a spell. 1993 seems like a long time ago. For those that track time by movies, ’93 debuted Jurassic Park (the original film), Schindler’s List and Sandlot. Do you feel old yet? I do, especially when you rewatch those classics today.

How to Make Killer Websites

Knowing that 81% of people do research online before making purchase decisions, website are an important part of your marketing strategy and can help facilitate a shopper's research. A website should be considered an extension of your sales team. When it is done right, the site is informative, useful and is a positive reflection of your brand. It must amount to more than a series of superficial interactions and fancy animations