Chris Wolf is our SVP of Strategic Insights & Planning, leading the Marlin Network’s unrivaled insights and planning practice of services, tools, talent and structure to support the Network’s client business needs. Chris is a veteran of the food industry, spending the first half of his career pioneering new food publishing, product innovation and account planning competencies for food-focused communications and innovation agencies. In 2010, he joined Tyson Foods, where he managed the insights, global innovation and foresights competencies across the enterprise during his 8-year tenure at the company.    

Perspectives by Chris Wolf

Connect with DSRs, Connect with Operators

“Foodservice has changed dramatically over the last decade”. It seems like an obvious statement, but to put the shifts into perspective, let’s go back to 2009 and see how many menus call out “farm-to-table” ingredients. Or ask an operator how many e-newsletters they get on a weekly basis. Try to order cases of product directly online or anyone what a “meal kit” is. Today, we’re in a new digital era of away-from-home food, driven by wellness, convenience and personalization.