With 11 years of proven strategic planning skills, Jackie has a passion for delivering closed-loop marketing campaigns to meet client objectives & move prospects through the customer journey. She puts client needs first, providing recommendations centered on results. Jackie has augmented her traditional advertising experience with social engagement, search engine marketing, campaign analytics, and recontact email campaigns.

Perspectives by Jackie Haldiman

Top 5 Reasons Operators Sign Up for E-Newsletters

The eternal question for foodservice manufacturers stands: how do I meaningfully reach the operator? Well-worn answers like print ads and DSR visits—though still relevant—are no longer the obvious answers.

A Marketing Approach: Division vs. Brand

Most of the communication planning requests we get are tied to promotion of a particular brand or product, which makes sense – that’s where the sales happen. This approach, however, tends to isolate each brand plan, not allowing the company to take advantage of bigger, more integrated opportunities. For clients whose foodservice business supports a family of brands, we recommend establishing marketing initiatives at both the Division and Brand level.