Chef Jorge is extremely passionate about coffee, cocktails and wine. His constant search for the ultimate flavor extraction and flavor combination has been called by some an addiction but we like to consider him just a fanatic. This fascination began when he got his Culinary Arts degree at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI and the years he’s spent traveling around the world searching for the origin of flavors. With a business degree from Universidad Latina in San Jose, Costa Rica; Chef Jorge has the capability to understand the marketing side of the foodservice industry and is able to apply that knowledge to each idea he develops.

Perspectives by Jorge Cespedes

Sriracha: From Obscurity to Mainstream

For those of us who track flavors, it’s interesting to look back and try to analyze the “why” of a flavor’s journey from emerging to everywhere.

5 Flavor Imports to Watch

For decades, there was a widespread notion that persisted in the food industry—all new ethnic flavor imports needed to be “Americanized” so hesitant palates could warm up to the unfamiliar.

The Gastronomic Journey of Coffee

For a couple hundred years the production of coffee was kept secret in Yemen until the mid-1600’s when a clever and sleek Dutch navy boat was able to sail of the port of Java in Indonesia with a couple of live seedlings. The vessel was then off to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Amsterdam where the plant was reproduced and later used as a gift for King Louis the 14th of France. It was that coffee plant in Versailles, which became the ancestor to all other plants in the European continent.