Stephanie’s experience leading a vast portfolio of clients across food and beverage and beyond has provided her with the range of category and omni-channel experience that makes her a second-to-none brand builder.  Her broad and objective perspective combined with her passion to create a culture of growth that benefits all stakeholders enables her to see opportunities others do not. Always on the hunt for the next collaborative win and inquisitive by nature, she’s excited to start conversations that uncover opportunities to put Marlin Network’s creative and strategic thinkers to work to meet the goals of smart brands.

Perspectives by Stephanie Hart

Watch the Modern Buyer Journey Unfold

What do today’s foodservice buyers expect? The short answer: personal, valuable experiences. Delivering on heightened expectations means taking into account where operators are in the buying journey, and finding opportunities to meaningfully engage every step of the way. It also means keeping track of those interactions, and using those records to guide future interactions.