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Working across agencies, our subject matter experts build a deep understanding of specific topics, then share their specialized knowledge to inspire and support client teams.

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Our Capabilities

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We always start with the end in mind. By leveraging our curious nature, research and experiences, our brand planners collaborate with account service leaders to find the intersection of the brand strengths and marketplace opportunities. With a sound strategy, we call on our centers of excellence to deliver holistic plans that that move business forward.

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We are social scientists, data scientists and business strategists, as versed in the complexities of the human mind as we are in the complexities of modern business. We are fortunate to work with some of the greatest brands in the world—and the brightest people in the industry.

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Work gets work. Regardless of the medium, audience or objective, effective messaging must first be interesting. Our agency creative teams use divergent thinking to generate multiple expressions of the selling proposition, then work with Marlin Network producers to execute unexpected ideas at every intersection.

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Creativity is the heart of culinary. And culinary is the heart of your business. We provide big, insight-driven thinking that inspires solutions with consumer appeal and of-the-moment relevance. Our range of expertise extends from fine dining to QSR, contract feeding to grocery retail and industrial.

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Marlin Network has a team of dedicated software engineers, and UX designers that work directly with digital planners to create custom solutions for sales and marketing efforts. Full stack development in house combined with data analysis and integrated media is the formula for better service and faster solutions that meet today’s ever changing digital landscape.

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Our goal is to connect culture and commerce. We understand the fluidity and compression of the purchase journey and the need for orchestration and continued optimization of a brand’s ecosystem.

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From start to garnish. Our nimble collection of culinary experts, photographers, videographers, writers and producers ready to make irresistible content for every appetite.

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Locations In:

BOSTON, Massachusetts
CHICAGO, Illinois
DENVER, Colorado
IRVINE, California

NEW YORK, New York
ST. LOUIS, Missouri

For brands that are going places.

From daily coffee stops to weekend lunch capades to once-in-a-lifetime vacations, consumers are always on the go. Brands that meet them where they are with the products, services and experiences that delight will win. Marlin Network is a destinations marketing agency that understands where guests are going, what makes them stay and what brings them back for more.

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