JIF® Menu Tool & Live Culinary Demo

At a time when peanut butter is surging in popularity and restaurant operators need more support than ever before, Jif® Peanut Butter is here to help! The Jif® Menu Tool & Live Culinary Demonstration are bold, fun interactive ways to engage operators with shall we say—sticky—content they’ll keep coming back for.

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The Point

Menu More With Jif®

Peanut Butter is popular! And Jif® is America’s favorite brand. This campaign sought to increase foodservice operator affinity for Jif®, and inspire new ways to use it all across the menu.

The Plan

Make it Mouthwatering

It was a full team effort, leveraging chefs and UX experts alike to uncover the most delicious ways to serve Jif®, and serve them up on the web!

The Idea

Jif That Dish! Wheel & Live Show

Develop rich content that drives engagement and offers true support to operators with the Jif That Dish! Wheel of inspiration and Live Culinary Event.

JIF That Dish promotion
chef making tacos with JIF

The Payoff

More Jif’d Dishes

  • Of more than 20,000 total landing page sessions, the wheel garnered the most action!
  • 100 engaged attendees at the (virtual) Live Culinary Demo, including many key customers!
  • Countless newly inspired dishes incorporating Jif® Peanut Butter

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