Lundberg Family Farms® E-commerce Engine

Lundberg Family Farms® sells responsible and sustainable rice-based products. When they needed to add a cart to the site, they chose Marlin Network Commerce to navigate the company through the e-commerce setup and ongoing marketing. Now Lundberg Family Farms® is exceeding online sales goals every month.

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After the supply chain disruptions of 2020, Lundberg Family Farms® had noticed a sizable opportunity in Direct to Consumer (DTC). Retailers and operators were unable to find and order products that had become staples. Lundberg  Family Farms® was looking for an ecommerce strategy and action plan.

The Point

Develop a Full DTC Integration Solution

We partnered to rally sales, marketing and operations around a DTC solution that was easy to implement and would create a revenue stream online.

The Plan

An Online Shop

In order to go to market quickly, The Alchemedia Project team presented online solution options using the base website that was already running.

The Idea

Turnkey Solution to E-commerce

The Alchemedia Project team built a custom shop into the existing website and developed a comprehensive mareketing plan with promotional, seasonal and trial offers that removed barriers to purchase. Our team guided Lundberg Family Farms® through the build, the distribution plan and the site marketing plan.

The Results

• Grew Sales from $5k/month to $100k/month in the first year.
• Average order value increased from $51 to $88.
• Increased customer acquisition (from 5,000 to 199,000 and growing).

In Our Client's Words...

“The team exceeded our expectations while creating a dynamic and super efficient e-commerce experience. They are the subject matter experts in site building and search that we never knew we needed!”

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