Unbelievably Indulgent

Desserts are meant to be fun, unique and, above all, unbelievably indulgent. They provide the finish to our meals for a reason — that last delicious bite is the part we often remember the most. 

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This strong emotional connection is what inspried Marlin’s brand development of UniPro’s Inspirations Artisan Bakery brand, bringing it to the forefront of our customers’ minds with a decadently delightful and unforgettable desserts product line.

The Point

Develop an indulgently robust brand

Create a new brand identity that represents not only the feel of Artisan Bakery products being created by UniPro, but the voice and personality as well. 

The Plan

Learn and inspire

Define what the brand means to UniPro and how they want to extend that brand into different facets of their market.

The Idea

Lead with inspiration

Show how memorable, decadent and inspirational desserts can truly be when crafted with care

Inspirations Artisan Bakery Brand Guidelines
UniPro Inspirations Artisan Bakery – Our artisan approach to inspired baking is captured through our expressive hand lettered Inspirations calligraphy. The art of the Inspirations inscription imbues our desserts product line with the guarantee of craft and quality. The Inspired Swirl icon has been roughened to pair well with the script and made small, like the cherry garnish as the last fabulous flourish atop all our inspired confections.
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Ball Cap
Inspirations Artisan Bakery T-Shirt
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Dessert Labels
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Strawberries Illustration
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Strawberry Cheesecake
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Lemons Illustration
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Lemon Meringue Pie
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Chocolate & Hazelnuts Illustration
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Chocolate Chips & Hazelnut Cookies
Inspirations Artisan Bakery InSpinspirations Pinwheel & Cupcake
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Inspired by Fun Magazine Ad
Inspirations Artisan Bakery InSwirlspirations Hair of Budha Detail & Pinwheel Cookie
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Inspired by Details Magazine Ad
Inspirations Artisan Bakery InBloomspirations Cherry Blossom & Cupcake
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Inspired by Nature Magazine Ad
Inspirations Artisan Bakery Apron – Merci

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