4 Ways to Tell if Your Website Is Operator-Friendly

Almost all foodservice manufacturers have some kind of web presence. But how do you know if yours truly meets the needs of operators? To find out what they’re looking for, our team at the Marlin Network has interviewed a diverse panel of operators and taken a look at what’s happening in the larger digital universe to compile some must-have features.

Stephanie Lueck
Digital Strategist

Connect with DSRs, Connect with Operators

“Foodservice has changed dramatically over the last decade”. It seems like an obvious statement, but to put the shifts into perspective, let’s go back to 2009 and see how many menus call out “farm-to-table” ingredients. Or ask an operator how many e-newsletters they get on a weekly basis. Try to order cases of product directly online or anyone what a “meal kit” is. Today, we’re in a new digital era of away-from-home food, driven by wellness, convenience and personalization.

Chris Wolf
SVP, Strategic Insights & Planning

Top 5 Reasons Operators Sign Up for E-Newsletters

The eternal question for foodservice manufacturers stands: how do I meaningfully reach the operator? Well-worn answers like print ads and DSR visits—though still relevant—are no longer the obvious answers.

Jackie Haldiman
Director of Integrated Communications

Can Recipes Really Boost Your Product Sales?

Keeping the menu fresh is one of an operator’s most important roles. And providing recipe inspiration is one of yours as a partner. By demonstrating your product’s versatility, your recipes can show time-starved operators how one ingredient can work in multiple items across the menu—benefitting operators and you—with increased sales.

Thomas Talbert
VP Culinary Marketing

Sriracha: From Obscurity to Mainstream

For those of us who track flavors, it’s interesting to look back and try to analyze the “why” of a flavor’s journey from emerging to everywhere.

Jorge Cespedes
Corporate Chef

How to Go Digital (and 4 Ways You Shouldn’t)

You need an online presence to better serve your customers and operators, but do not fall into the temptation to go with anyone other than an experienced digital marketing agency.

Brad Hill
Sr. Director of Trends and innovation