Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer a phenomenon exclusive to gaming. In fact, in 2020 an estimated 77.7 million people will use AR at least once per month. That’s a staggering figure, and the popularity has already prodded the imaginations of marketing agencies around the globe. For B2B marketers, this exciting technology offers a unique opportunity to heighten engagement and draw new connections by extending the digital experiences of both operators and consumers into the real world.


How does AR work?

AR leverages computer vision, simultaneous localization, mapping and depth tracking (sensor data calculating the distance to the objects). This allows cameras to collect, send and process data in order to show digital content relevant to what the camera is looking at.

How is AR being used?

While AR continues to evolve as more brands experiment with the technology, let’s look at a few relevant areas where brands have already seen success.

1. Unique Messaging

Burger King’s “Burn That Ad”

This smart execution was created and developed by David SP for Burger King in Brazil. It offered a fun and original way to turn their competition’s ads into an offer for a free whopper. Not only was this a clever brand-building, traffic-driving initiative, it accomplished something that can be a challenge: got consumers to download an app. The offer was only redeemable via the Burger King Express app, which encouraged trial of their mobile ordering. Half a million consumers all over Brazil redeemed the offer for their free Whopper by “burning” their competitor’s ads. This was an exciting (and effective way) to encourage fans to order from BK in a new way. 

2. Smart Packaging

Jack Daniel’s AR Experience

Jack Daniel’s leveraged AR to expand the limited real estate of their iconic label into a beautiful, engaging storytelling experience. When you download the app, the label triggers a pop-up-book-style animation that highlights their location, process, and the storied history of their 150-year-old brand.

3. Gaming

Kick Alley

Pokémon Go is the most famous example of AR in general, and gaming in particular. But gameplay has advanced since the initial splash. The Kick Alley app recognizes a person’s foot by mapping a digital footprint on their actual foot and its motion. This allows the user to kick a virtual soccer ball down the field on the screen. An interesting element is that the app can remember the player’s foot to keep scores for each session. When a new foot is recognized, the app offers a new game for each user respectively. At this moment, AR games are still best suited for simple game mechanics and short sessions.

4. Shopping

Amazon AR View

Ikea and others have been experimenting with this in shopping for several years. When Amazon bakes this functionality into its primary app, you know the market is ready for this type of content experience. Right now, applications can seem novel or even humorous. However, this feature has the power to allow a shopper to see your product as a part of their world. Isn’t the future exciting?

5. Social Media


If you have a child of a certain age, you are likely more than familiar with this AR application. Snapchat offers AR filters and lenses that users can apply to transform their faces into animals or add elements to their snaps (Snapchat speak for posts). Businesses can use branded filters to promote their brands within a targeted location. These filters are a great way to incorporate AR‌ into your next event and let your fans create with you.

How can we use AR in B2B?

Enhanced Packaging

  1. Brand Storytelling
  2. Video
  3. Nutrition Facts with Equipment specific Prep Instructions
  4. Recipes & how-to-use examples
  5. Sourcing Information

Sales Support

  1. Engaging Product Cuttings
  2. AR-powered eCommerce

Consumer Pull

  1. Gaming
  2. Shelf Danglers in Cash & Carry
  3. Promotional Display Setup Visualization
  4. Digital Experience Table Tents
  5. Targeted Event filters


  1. View/create product rating & reviews
  2. Embrace user-generated content


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