Outside of our industry, it’s easy to overlook the complexity of the work we do.  From finding the right segment for a new product, to understanding the appropriate medium for a brand refresh, there’s a strange array of factors to consider in the foodservice marketplace.  Lucky for our clients, we’re experts in the category.  Our experience has equipped us to solve any challenge and if something new comes to the forefront, we do our best work to find an optimal solution.  For planners, that means improving how we measure success.


The Conversion Based Model

At the Marlin Network, we look beyond traditional metrics.  Of course we look at impressions, click-through rates, and share of voice, but what kind of story does that tell?  A short one.  Therefore, we take metrics further to establish program validity. 

We created the Conversion Based Model to provide a stronger evaluation of program ROI by estimating conversions during planning.  This holds our plans accountable.  By balancing impressions and conversions, we deliver the best combination of mediums while meeting objectives within the budget.  It’s a complete planning process – we don’t just tell you the plan, we tell you the outcome.


Optimization and Evaluation

It’s great to understand a campaign’s potential return, but we don’t stop there.  Like I said, we’re planners; we’re always looking ahead.  Therefore, the Conversion Based Model is never set aside.  Instead, we use it throughout the campaign to evaluate and optimize in real time to stay in front of our goals.  From insertion type & placement to headlines & ad copy, we look at it all to better understand how we’re tracking against campaign objectives.

After we evaluate what’s working and what’s not, we implement the learnings.  We make sure to maximize return by learning from every individual piece of paid media deployed.  We look at our traditional metrics, but then cross reference that with our Conversion Based Model to evaluate what true campaign success looks like.  Because how do you define success without quantifying it?  Yeah, we don’t know either.

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