Should you invest in foodservice media?  We’ve all heard “print is dead” or “no one has time to read trade pubs anymore”.  Even digital advertising has its naysayers who claim, “I subscribe to more e-newsletters than I can possibly read” or “no one clicks on banner ads.”


I get it.  My foodservice career started in 1999, when the sheer number of foodservice pubs and their respective girth quickly exceeded in-box capacity.


But it was also before distributor marketing programs began demanding a greater percentage of marketing budgets, before national broker networks, and the acceptance of “soft conflicts”, emerged on the scene and before group purchasing associations (GPOs) spread to nearly every foodservice segment.


Today, the number of foodservice operators, representing over 20 unique segments, is over 1.3M and go-to-market strategies have never been more complex.  Given its challenges, how confident are you that your targeted operators understand your product’s value proposition?  How often is a DSR talking about your product’s benefits on sales calls or your broker sales rep cutting your product against its competitor with a key operator?


Foodservice media isn’t without its challenges either and may not represent the best communication platform for your business, but for those manufacturers with strategies that call for operator focused messaging, it remains an efficient means to do so. 


B-2-B media is evolving.  Understanding and effectively leveraging the communication platforms available via our foodservice publication partners is where our team excels.  We have transparent relationships and enjoy open dialogue, not only with our publication sales reps, but those involved with digital execution, content creation, marketing and even senior leadership.  We’ve found the best way to bring compelling solutions to our client’s communication challenges, is to clearly articulate those needs to all key stakeholders and work together fine-tuning the deliverable.  Sometimes this means encouraging them to consider new and innovative ways of engaging with their audience.


And we are not beyond exploring and vetting partnerships outside traditional foodservice media outlets.  Digital communication is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and offering more opportunities for highly targeted reach and interaction. 


So, if you’ve been quick to discount the effectiveness of foodservice media, perhaps it’s time for a fresh look.  There are likely innovative ways to engage with your key targets.  They’re worth exploring and we’d be honored to be your tour guide.

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