A lot of times when you meet someone new, they ask “So, what do you do?” Over the years, I’ve answered with “Food marketing,” or maybe, “I help companies sell the food that restaurants sell to you.” But when I meet someone in the food industry, someone who understands the complexities of channel marketing, someone who might be reading an article on our company website right now, I tell them about Shared Spaces.  

What we do at Marlin Network, we call Shared Spaces Marketing. It’s the practice of connecting to consumers in places where physical, digital and intellectual space is shared by multiple brands.

For example, in restaurants where multiple products appear on the tabletop, or at a distributor website where different ingredients combine to create whole plate concepts. Shared Spaces Marketing is about creating mutually beneficial relationships between brands in an industry where success depends on collaboration. Where people congregate. Where channels intersect. Where business interests, opportunities and strategies overlap. These are the Shared Spaces we work in. And these are questions we work to answer:

  • How are we ensuring success for every stakeholder in the space—consumers, operators, distributors and manufacturers?
  • How are we taking advantage of positive brand associations in each space?
  • How are we creating seamless brand experiences regardless of space—location, channel or device?

The concept of Shared Spaces Marketing recognizes that brands are stronger when they proactively engage with every stakeholder along their route to market. By helping companies see a clear path to the power of shared equity, we give brands a competitive advantage that builds their business, while building the business of others. That’s what we do. Now, tell me about you.

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