What do today’s foodservice buyers expect? The short answer: personal, valuable experiences. Delivering on heightened expectations means taking into account where operators are in the buying journey, and finding opportunities to meaningfully engage every step of the way. It also means keeping track of those interactions, and using those records to guide future interactions.


So, what does that look like exactly? Take a look at two channel-specific examples of effective, valuable engagement delivered all the way through the path to purchase:


Commercial Buying Journey


Non-Commercial Buying Journey


Key takeaway: these operators feel like they have a partner who understands them and the problems they’re facing. In every engagement with this brand, they feel like there’s something in it for them—something that helps address a problem. This brand was like a friend who was there when they were needed, not just the friend who shows up when they need something. It requires we leverage advancements in marketing technology to fuel an always-on, solution-oriented approach to engagement. For more details on how you can activate this approach today—including tuning up your target strategy, digital toolbox, and content planning—download our Quick-Start Guide

Buying has changed. Buckle up.