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Whipstir Digital Recipe Database

Whipstir puts your entire recipe library within easy access of your chef team. If your recipe collection is hiding out in presentation decks, file drawers and servers, Whipstir brings them all together in one place. The experience is intuitive, user-friendly, collaborative and secure. We created Whipstir with chefs for chefs. We know you’re going to love how easy we make recipe organization!

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The perfect recipe organization and collection tool is here.

Recipes are the lifeblood of the food business.
Organizing them has always been a challenge for culinary teams.

Whipstir is the new faster and better way for chefs to collaborate, organize and find recipes. 

Recipe Organization and Collaboration Platform

All the right ingredients for your foodservice kitchen.

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Our own chefs helped our digital experts create this tool, and their input is what makes it useful to other chefs.

Chef mixing ingredients into a bowl
Easy Setup

The struggle is “not real” when you incorporate this tool into your organization. Setup is 1, 2 and done.

Chef seasoning a salad
Simple UX

There’s not a big learning curve here to conquer content input or management of it.

Female chef referring to a digital tablet
Fully Customizable

If you need something not currently offered by our Whipstir tool, we can figure it out and create a solution appropriate for your organization.

Whipstir makes collaboration and recipe lookup quick and easy.

  • Easy to use, intuitive
  • Always-on recipe interface
  • Secure, reliable, password protected
  • Fast-loading
  • Best-in-class UX
  • Regularly maintained, free of surprise expenses
  • Customizable
  • Subscription-based
Whipstir Digital Recipe Database

User-Friendly, Fast, Secure Design

  • Always on 24-7
  • Secure, reliable
  • Fast-loading
  • Regularly maintained, updated
  • No hidden fees

Recipe Organization & Collaboration Platform

A better way to capture, organize and find recipes.

What People Are Saying

Meg Stocker
Brand Manager for Away From Home Products

Danone Away From Home

“The marketing and go-to-market teams can assist themselves in both identifying the best recipes for a project and getting ideas and inspiration for new recipes.”


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Contact us below with additional questions.

Yes, Whipstir becomes part of your workflow management process. Each chef or marketer will establish log-in credentials for security.

Yes, Whipstir is customizable. Add a logo, key background images and copy. The basic user interface has been designed with best in class user experience (UX) so certain design attributes such as button colors and fonts will not change.

There is no limit to the number of recipes the system can store. However, the base subscription plan is based on 5000 recipes or less. Plans with over 5000 recipes will have a modified subscription plan per month.

Yes, there is a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription cost, renewed annually.

The base price includes up to 100 users. A modified plan is available for users exceeding 100. Your site administrator is responsible for controlling access for your users.

Usually 4 weeks, however each set up is slightly different and depending on your database structure and securities. Set up could take less or more time.

We offer training for new users during system startup, and reference materials for new users after the initial setup. There is a help desk ticket system if users need support.

Yes, there is a help desk if you get stuck and need our help along the way. We are always just a click away. 

Whipstir is a word mashup of “whip” and “stir.” See what we did there?

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