Culinary Field Trips

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to dive deep. We believe best way to uncover real and relevant opportunities is to experience – and taste them first hand. That’s why our field trips are so impactful.  We are insight enthusiasts and we can show you how these outings are one of our best tools for discovery and team cohesion.

Flavor Atlas

The Flavor Atlas is our proprietary tool to track flavors as they move across the food landscape. Covering food and beverage trends, the Flavor Atlas highlights mainstream, opportunity and emerging flavors that we believe are important to watch.

Open the Flavor Atlas

Culinary Insights

Our culinary creative teams keep the end consumer front and center throughout every project. Our range of expertise extends from fine dining to QSR, contract feeding to grocery retail and industrial. Whether we’re discussing brands, products, menus, recipes or cultural flavor trends, it all begins and ends with relevant consumer perspectives. We are in a constant state of discovery through observation and monitoring of consumer behavior as it relates to engagement in the marketplace.

Culinary Innovation

Innovation can truly set you apart from others in your category or channel. We understand and value the difference between innovation and product or menu development. Whether you are set on one or the other or you would like our help in determining the right path for you, we’ll leverage our experience and expertise to help you bring the right mix to market. Our proven approach has led to game-changing menu performance and off-the-shelf category lift worth bragging about.

Concept & Recipe Development

Our experienced team of chefs will guide you through the process of developing a concept for a recipe based on flavor trends, executional guidelines and segment requirements. We share written concepts to gain alignment prior to going into the kitchen for recipe development work.

Food & Beverage Pairings

Identifying and showcasing proper food and beverage pairings through our Menu Match approach enhances the dining experience and adds dimension to flavor components. This pairing opportunity is often overlooked and underutilized as a marketing tool.

Culinary Arts Perspectives

Yuzu what?

What’s happening in emerging citrus flavors. Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. These are the usual suspects when it comes to citrus fruits. But have you tried yuzu? Kaffir lime? Pomelo? Tangelo? Consumers palates are evolving and they are seeking more adventurous citrus flavors and as a result different kinds of sweet, sour and tangy flavors brightening up menus. Here are some lesser-known citrus flavors to watch for. Calamansi–Unless you are Filipino, Malaysian or Vietnamese, you may not be familiar with calamansi, a sour, tart citrus fruit that is native to South East Asia. Lucky for us in the US, it is now grown in California and more readily accessible.

Meredith Daca
Senior Culinary Planner

The Gastronomic Journey of Coffee

For a couple hundred years the production of coffee was kept secret in Yemen until the mid-1600’s when a clever and sleek Dutch navy boat was able to sail of the port of Java in Indonesia with a couple of live seedlings. The vessel was then off to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Amsterdam where the plant was reproduced and later used as a gift for King Louis the 14th of France. It was that coffee plant in Versailles, which became the ancestor to all other plants in the European continent.

Jorge Cespedes
Corporate Chef