Tech Better

Tech Better

Today half of businesses are using AI. 82% are using geolocation. Half of all searches are spoken into digital devices. Find out how this is impacting the food and beverage industry, and how you can implement tomorrow’s tech today.

Digital Development Perspectives

Is Content the Way to the Wallet?

You’ve heard it before … Content is King. You understand that companies are increasingly expected to publish valuable content to establish a relationship with end consumers. You can probably recollect a recent piece of content or social media post from a consumer brand you that caught your attention. Unfortunately, many B2B companies are unwilling to make the investment in content marketing, or are unsure where to begin. Here’s why investing in content marketing is important for B2B companies.

Meredith Daca
Senior Culinary Planner

How to Make Killer Websites

Knowing that 81% of people do research online before making purchase decisions, website are an important part of your marketing strategy and can help facilitate a shopper's research. A website should be considered an extension of your sales team. When it is done right, the site is informative, useful and is a positive reflection of your brand. It must amount to more than a series of superficial interactions and fancy animations

Brad Hill
Sr. Director of Product and Innovation

4 Ways to Tell if Your Website Is Operator-Friendly

Almost all foodservice manufacturers have some kind of web presence. But how do you know if yours truly meets the needs of operators? To find out what they’re looking for, our team at the Marlin Network has interviewed a diverse panel of operators and taken a look at what’s happening in the larger digital universe to compile some must-have features.

Stephanie Lueck
Digital Strategist

Our Need for Speed

Back in 1993, Jakob Nielsen published an article entitled, “Response Times: The 3 Important Limits.” His research was ground breaking and impacted computer software design for years to come. In ’93, there were 623 websites on the entire internet, primarily used by scientists and scholars. Most Americans were blissfully unaware of the Internet, or the “information super highway” as we called it for a spell. 1993 seems like a long time ago. For those that track time by movies, ’93 debuted Jurassic Park (the original film), Schindler’s List and Sandlot. Do you feel old yet? I do, especially when you rewatch those classics today.

Brad Hill
Sr. Director of Product and Innovation

What Wall Street Wants

Let’s face it, in an industry known for penny-profit, making a buck is getting harder and harder. In “younger” segments of commercial food service, like fast casual, unit count expansion is the #1 growth strategy employed by executives. And this works for a while. As segments mature, growth is harder to achieve. The darling fast casual segment recently dropped below its double-digit growth rates for the first time in recent history.

Sheri Austin
EVP/General Manager

How to Go Digital (and 4 Ways You Shouldn’t)

You need an online presence to better serve your customers and operators, but do not fall into the temptation to go with anyone other than an experienced digital marketing agency.

Brad Hill
Sr. Director of Product and Innovation