Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice

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Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice

Some decisions are easy. Some are painstakingly hard. The rest fall somewhere in between. Where do your category and brand fit in? Knowing will allow you to influence the consumer decision. Halverson Group can help you find out.

But first, a few words about why understanding decision dynamics is so important.

The way people make decisions impacts their path to purchase. And understanding the moods and motivations behind people’s choices leads to smarter segmentation. How do we know? We did the research.

We crunched our R&D data to identify the six factors that drive every decision.

  1. The EFFORT put in.
  2. The role of HEAD versus HEART.
  3. The COMPLEXITY of the decision.
  4. The RISK of a wrong decision.
  5. Whether the goal is to stay or get out of your COMFORT ZONE.
  6. The amount ENJOYMENT you get out of the process

Then, we mapped those six factors— Effort, Complexity, Risk, etc.—to create a simple framework that illustrates how people organize decisions in their minds:

Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice: Chart 1

We then classified how people feel about particular purchases, from car insurance to chewing gum:

Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice: Chart 2

How people feel predicts touchpoint engagement — and understanding how people feel is key to delivering the right message at the right time:

Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice: Chart 3

How people feel about a decision also predicts the time spent on their journey:

Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice: Chart 4

Higher-effort decisions lead to longer journeys, but the “heart” further intensifies the engagement, resulting in more behaviors:

Six Factors That Drive Every Consumer Choice: Chart 5

By making sense of how people make decisions, we are able to clarify a confusing omnichannel world for our clients. Our research has allowed us to help brands: 

•  Classify consumers’ intensity about certain decisions! 
•  Prioritize touch-points with the greatest ROI! 
•  Create a blueprint for success!

Our deep understanding of decision dynamics informs two of our client offerings: 

  1. Jobs to Be Won™ (our unique approach to segmentation) 
  2. Choices™ (our unique approach to journey mapping)

By asking (and answering) “Why?” we are able to fuel winning strategies for our clients.
Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you. 
[email protected]

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