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Connection is at the heart of the most delightful experiences.

For example: PB+J, coffee + sweetener, Uncrustables + a free moment. At The Alchemedia Project, we connect things like brands + channels, big ideas + tiny banner ads, websites + automation efforts in ways that make operators stop and click, watch, sample and purchase. 

As the leading foodservice agency in measuring impact from awareness to lead generation and true sales conversion, we’d love to continue to partner in connecting sales + marketing, creative + results and systems + analytics to drive your business forward.

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Thank You

Over the course of the past five and a half years, we’ve crafted some of our proudest work and faced the most disruptive era in foodservice history together. Your candor, kindness, grit and authenticity inspire and excite our people, and have us more than ready for what’s next.

Your Smucker Away From Home Team

Strategists. Craftsmen. Technologists. Analysts. Culinarians. We are a collective group of experts, bound by a passion for creating beautiful, useful and measurable work for you.

Brian Neyer

Senior Account Director

Brian has a knack for keeping the facts straight and the details in order‚ on and off the clock. With a decade of experience in foodservice marketing, his mental stockpile of details big and small make him an invaluable brand ally. Brian has had the opportunity to lead some of the largest foodservice manufacturers in the industry through multiple operator and communications channels, resulting in unexpected creative executions and smart media applications that compel operators and consumers to take action. 

Client Highlights 
Smucker Away From Home, Bush’s Beans Foodservice, McCain Foodservice, Nestlé Professional, Unilever Food Solutions, T. Marzetti Foodservice 

Kaylyn Bender

Account Service

Kaylyn delivers results (and snacks) with a smile. Her background ranges from foodservice to distribution, and she never fails to bring valuable insights from both sides of the table. With an education in culinary arts and hospitality, Kaylyn has honed her skills in digital and brand strategy over the past five years at the company. Always eager to bring fresh ideas to the table, Kaylyn approaches each challenge with a positive attitude, a can-do ethic and infectious sense of humor. 

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Nestle Professional, Tyson Foodservice, Dairy Farmers of America, Proctor & Gamble, Manuka Honey

Brandon Glaser

Account Supervisor

Brandon brings a full-funnel perspective to marketing, honed from his early career working with restaurant owners and operators. He is passionate about creativity that drives results and accepts the challenge to discover that formula unique to every client. Brandon joined the team in 2021 with a wealth of client experience from both sides of the proverbial table.He has yet to find a project he can’t improve. 

Client Highlights
Tyson Foodservice, Nestle Professional, McDonald’s, Dunkin’, BurgerFi, Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux 

Chelzey Moore  

Senior Account Executive

With an unquenchable thirst for new challenges and a love for problem solving, Chelzey is an ideal partner for clients and cross-functional teams alike. Bringing along prior experience in technical design and logistics management, her passion for strategy, solid creative and critical thinking have proven invaluable for the team at Marlin Network. A natural leader—and some would say an obsessive problem solver—she inspires successful growth with her direct and thoughtful approach.

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Tyson Foodservice, Mission Foods, Sandridge 

Megan Brammeier

Group Creative Director

Megan has a passion for creative strategy and a remarkable talent for connecting the dots. Over the course of thirteen years in foodservice marketing, she has put her strategic thinking, big ideas and conversational copy to use for leading foodservice clients. Her make-it-happen mentality, clear-headed approach to the user journey and unshakeable collaborative spirit help ensure results as big as her ideas. 

Client Highlights
Smucker Away From Home, McCain Foodservice, T. Marzetti Foodservice, Corbion Ingredients, Unilever Food Solutions, Stouffer’s, Chef-Mate

Matt Greene 

Creative Director

With clear creative vision and a calm demeanor, Matt brings eighteen years of experience and a fresh perspective to every project. He daily demonstrates a genuine love for the craft—and for his team—in concepting, coordinating and creating effective campaigns for global clients. There’s no mountain Matt cannot climb (metaphorically or otherwise).

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Nestlé, Corbion, T. Marzetti, McCain Foods, Dairy Farmers of America, Unilever Food Solutions

Tony Ruzicka 

Sr. Copywriter

Tony is a hopeless devotee of clarity, brevity, levity and action. He has spent the better part of a decade helping international foodservice companies tell compelling stories. The success of those stories almost always hinges on developing human points of connection between unique brands and unique customers (sorry, robots). His TAP tenure is full of unexpected creative solutions to the biggest challenges in foodservice. 

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., McCain Foods, Mission Foods, Unilever Food Solutions, Summit Hill Foods, T. Marzetti

Stefanie Vochatzer  

Sr UX Designer / Art Director

With an exceptional eye for detail and an unceasing capacity for big-picture thinking, Stefanie excels at taking campaigns from concept to creation. She masterfully blends the art of designing engaging interactive experiences with a deep understanding of the end-user’s experience, resulting in seamless digital tools and webpages. She’s spent over seven years building powerful  brands by bringing a sharp eye and smart solutions to everything she touches. 

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., McCain Foodservice, T. Marzetti, Summit Hill Foods, Grain Craft, Mission Foodservice, Pilgrim’s Foodservice, Neon Marketing 

Brian Norris

Senior Web Developer

With 20 years of experience working in advertising and media agencies as a graphic designer and web developer, Brian develops user-facing features for our clients. He works with designers and other developers to ensure technical feasibility while delivering great experiences for users. 

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Nestle Professional, GP PRO, Ventura Foods, T. Marzetti Foodservice, Pilgrim’s Foodservice, Sandridge Foods, and Frito-Lay 

Charissa Floer 

Art Director

With 20 years of experience working in advertising and media agencies as a graphic designer and web developer, Brian develops user-facing features for our clients. He works with designers and other developers to ensure technical feasibility while delivering great experiences for users. 

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Nestle Professional, GP PRO, Ventura Foods, T. Marzetti Foodservice, Pilgrim’s Foodservice, Sandridge Foods, and Frito-Lay 

Vanessa Brandt

SVP Strategic Connections

Vanessa has the enviable skill of bridging gaps—from reconnecting disconnects in communication to identifying the path from where a client is to where they want to be. A true leader, she inspires successful growth with a direct and thoughtful approach: listen, engage, empower. She has an impressive track record of brand development on a global scale that underscores her value as a strategist. Above all, it’s Vanessa’s ability to recognize and cultivate the best parts of brands, talent and work that makes her an invaluable member of the TAP family. Her secret to productivity? Phone-less, computer-less conversations. 

Client Highlights
Smucker Away From Home, Coca-Cola, Tyson Foodservice, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Bush’s Beans Foodservice, Nestlé Professional, The French’s Food Company, Frito-Lay Foodservice 

Elizabeth Brooks Philipps 

Digital Strategy Director

Elizabeth has an uncanny ability to connect the dots and keep every moving piece in order. Her boundless energy and results-oriented approach to the details has resulted in comprehensive, 360° plans for a broad spectrum of clients. With over ten years B2B experience across the food and technology industries, she builds smart, engaging, high-performance campaigns that connect with and convert potential customers at every touchpoint. 

Client Highlights
Smucker Away From Home, Ventura Foods, Frito-Lay Foodservice, Bush’s Beans Foodservice, Pilgrim’s Foodservice, Nestlé Professional, Georgia Pacific Professional, Lundberg, High Liner Foodservice, Little Caesars, The French’s Food Company 

Sharyl Syring

Sharyl Syring 

Associate Media Director

Sharyl boasts over fourteen years of media strategy and execution expertise, honed specifically in B2B foodservice. Driven by a commitment to excellence, she consistently delivers results for her clients, both big and small, across various verticals such as restaurants, K12/C&U schools, convenience stores, hotels and lodging, and healthcare. With an insatiable curiosity, Sharyl is always seeking the next big thing in B2B media. 

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Nestle Professional, GP PRO, Ventura Foods, T. Marzetti Foodservice, Pilgrim’s Foodservice, Sandridge Foods, and Frito-Lay

Austin Peterson 

Sr Manager Reporting & Analytics

Austin loves meaningful data. With over eight years of analytics expertise from various sectors, Austin is focused on delivering information that drives long-term results. Forget simply measuring impressions, click-throughs and downloads. With Austin at the helm, we’ve leapfrogged complex channels and antiquated reporting models to provide true performance metrics like ROI and Customer LTV. Austin’s analytics strategies have helped blow prior campaign results out of the water.

Client Highlights
J.M. Smucker Co., Nestle Professional, GP PRO, Ventura Foods, T. Marzetti Foodservice, Pilgrim’s Foodservice, Sandridge Foods, and Frito-Lay


Chris Wolf

SVP Strategic Planning

Chris has been uncovering brand opportunities for food marketing and innovation teams for more than twenty years. His planning and insights team casts a wide net on macro trends and industry data to craft strategic growth strategies that will inspire creative teams, food scientists, media planners and marketers. Chris has optimized plans and products for manufacturers and foodservice companies alike, and shared his experience in columns and speakerships throughout the industry.   

Client Highlights 
Smucker Away From Home, Tyson Foodservice, PepsiCo, Gerber, Nestlé Professional, McDonald’s, Yum! Brands, Brinker, Subway, Gordon Food Service 

Alli Welker

EVP / General Manager

Alli knows that the best work is the result of inspired experts working in tandem. She has a gift for bringing the right people together, illustrated by a 25+ year track record leading teams that drive profitable results. She founded one of the most notable commerce strategy, media, creative, and digital agencies in the consumer and retail segments, Edge Marketing, and has overseen teams at IN Marketing and Advantage Unified Commerce. At Marlin Network, she is fiercely focused on applying her performance-forward capabilities to the food service sector while fostering a culture of belonging that drives industry-shaping outcomes.  

Client Highlights
Unilever, Smithfield, Post, Pinnacle, Boulder Brands,
Mizkan, Well’s, Ferrero, Jack Links, Tabasco, Newell Rubbermaid, SC Johnson

Tim Bade

Executive Creative Director

As Marlin Network’s creative lead, Tim fosters an open environment with a cross-functional creative team made up of storytellers, digital technologists and motion media experts. Tim knows that applying smart digital solutions and creative to simple ideas can break through the clutter and create real impact for brands. Prior to Tim’s role with Marlin Network, he co-founded The Alchemedia Project. Tim has also held posts at Pyramid Foods and at Noble Communications. His years in food and beverage branding have earned him plenty of awards, but Tim is most proud of work that works.   

Client Highlights
Smucker Away From Home, Tyson, Unilever, McCain, Nestlé Professional, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, French’s Food Company, Campbell’s Soup, Frito-Lay Foodservice, Pillsbury and many others. 

Thomas Talbert

VP Culinary Marketing

Thomas has 20+ years of experience in the foodservice, with a multidimensional background in culinary arts, product development, and dietetics. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, and a graduate of the dietetics program through the University of Alabama Birmingham. Thomas oversees the culinary team comprised of chefs skilled in product development, mixology, sales and marketing.  Thomas has worked with many of the top restaurant chains supporting their strategic menu development both in the USA and Internationally. 

Client Highlights 
Smucker Away From Home, Danone, Lee Kum Kee, TreeHouse Foods, Avocados from Mexico, Dairy Marketing Institute, Swift, King’s Hawaiian, Torani, McDonald’s, Inspire Brands, Well’s, Aspire Bakeries, Basic American Foods, CKE, Checkers & Rally’s, Cholula, ConAgra, Custom Culinary, Fonterra, Grecian Delight, KraftHeinz, Maple Leaf, Mission Foods, Pea & Lentil Board, Schwan’s, Smoothie King, Tate & Lyle, Coca-Cola, TGIFriday’s, USA Rice, USDEC, Dr. Praeger

Let's Do This

We’re in with you, all the way. Our team has recently restructured to support your business better from every angle—strategy, digital, creative, culinary and content. Let’s carry the momentum we’ve gained into the next frontier in foodservice. We’re ready for takeoff.

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