Pure Leaf Tea Launch

The Pure Leaf Tea launch in foodservice is a case study in how beautiful branding combined with storytelling and theatre can create brand demand. See how dramatic photography punches the bright teas forward from a rich, black background creating mouthwatering imagery that served as the centerpiece for the Pure Leaf tea launch. 

Pure Leaf Tea Logo

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Pure Leaf™ teas are just that. Teas made from only tea. These high quality, loose leaf teas are as natural as tea can be. This Pure Leaf tea launch not only told an origin story to establish greater value, but educated operators on how to create “tea theatre” with unique presentation support for guests in foodservice.

The Challenge

Room for tea?

The challenge was to bring yet another tea to foodservice in an already cluttered and competitive category. Establishing the brand’s differentiation and owning white space for the brand would be key to success.  

The Plan

Tea theatre

The key to Pure Leaf’s success would be to bring tea origin education and unique tea presentation and serving ware to operators. By creating a tea theatre within restaurants, Pure Leaf can own the drama of the best teas served in the very best manner.

Pure Leaf Packaging

Creating the tea theatre begins with attention to detail in the packaging. From the drama of the design to the soft touch finishes, this tea engages all the senses.

Pure Leaf Teas

The finest tea experience begins with the theatre of the presentation. Pure Leaf serving ware includes glass cups, timers and trays.

Creating theatre in sampling to operators was the first step in introducing the teas to foodservice.

Play Video about Pure Leaf Video

Play the Pure Leaf Video above to see the story of hot and iced teas launching in foodservice.

The Pure Leaf origin story is told in a 32-page booklet.

Pure Leaf Digital tea selector

The Pure Leaf digital tea selector is designed to provide information on each tea flavor and for sampling orders.

Pure Leaf tea presentation

The Pure Leaf tea presentation helps educate operators on the finer points of teas in foodservice.

Pure Leaf Guide to tea

The Pure Leaf Hot Tea Guide helps operators in foodservice select the right tea and provides support for tea theatre.

Pure Leaf Theatre materials

Pure Leaf materials for foodservice operators includes point of sale support, training materials and tea theatre tips.

Pure Leaf Hot Tea point of sale materials

Pure Leaf Hot tea point of sale materials for foodservice marketing.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea point of sale materials

Pure Leaf Iced Tea point of sale materials for foodservice operator support.

The Payoff

Pure Leaf

The foodservice launch for Pure Leaf exceeded expectations for the brand. From the unique and beautiful identity to the unique story to the unsurpassed operator support in creating tea theatre, the Pure Leaf brand began to immediately steal share and solidify a place in restaurants throughout the U.S.

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