The Point

A Fresh Perspective

After 20 years of hosting an annual breakfast at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for the National Restaurant Association show, Marlin Network wanted to do something different.

The Plan

Feeding Goodwill

Making this annual breakfast different than its predecessors led us toward a different idea: let’s feed more than just those who attend. Charity involvement would not only build feelings of goodwill within the organization and with guests but also add another compelling reason for invitees to accept the invitation.

The Idea

Stop and Share

To coincide with the Food Arts BBQ that benefits Share our Strength, we created a breakfast art auction event featuring artwork and photography created by some of our industry friends under the theme of “breakfast, interrupted.” We built a microsite to showcase the artwork and collect RSVPs, and to top it all off, we created our own version of “breakfast, interrupted” in the form of a video with a beautiful, hunger-inducing stopping power.

The Work

A boldly artistic Marlin Network breakfast event requires a boldly artistic invitation.


The Payoff

The response to this effort was astounding.

Marlin Network had more breakfast attendees than ever before, raised a significant contribution for Share Our Strength, and went global with 2+ million views in over 160 countries on the “breakfast, interrupted” video. Not bad for a breakfast invitation.

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