The Point

Create a nationwide burger-eating blitz.

To help Hellmann’s take a leadership position in the better burger craze, we showed operators how having Hellmann’s at hand can attract and satisfy burger-loving guests.

The Plan

Connect burger lovers with burger makers

Use social and mobile media, influencer marketing, radio placements and in-store merchandise to drive consumers to participating Burger Route locations to find amazing burgers in their neighborhood and for a chance to win prizes.

The Idea

Find your way to a great burger.

A variety of media prompted consumers to find a Burger Route location near them by visiting Then, when they visited the operation, in-store merchandise directed them to order a burger and share a pic for a chance to win prizes.

The Work

Burger Route was created to help launch the new Hellmann’s tabletop bottle into the commercial restaurant sector by driving consumers to participating operations.


The Payoff

It wasn’t just about mayonnaise.

In addition to moving product, Burger Route moved people. By creating a path between consumers and restaurants, Burger Route invested in Hellmann’s customers, helping operators attract new traffic and ultimately build their own brands.

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