Case Studies

The Point

Starting from the ground up

We were invited to develop the Hotel Vandivort identity system and brand voice to heighten customer experience all while unifying the different areas of the property including exterior, lobby, restaurant and guest rooms.

The Plan

Sifting through history

We tapped into the Masonic heritage of the building. The rich history provided a litany of information and paved the way for some pretty cool visual storytelling threaded throughout the spaces.

The Idea

A timeless truth

The negative space in the iconic V is actually a profile of a plumb bob. What is a plumb bob you might ask? It’s a pointy weight suspended from a string. According to Masonic lore, the plumb bob is symbol of virtue and truth. They never lead you astray and always find the center.

The Work

The Payoff

Come stay the night and see for yourself.

You can walk by practically any time of day and notice The Order bustling with business and the hotel lobby area full of plugged-in professionals.

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