Case Studies

The Point

Connect Chefs with MINOR'S

Nestle Professional’s flavor concentrates and base brand MINOR’S was repositioned as “Pride in the Craft.”

The Plan

Connect with Chefs

Before investing in a launch, let’s see if this idea resonates with operators.

The Idea

Find the Best Connection

Test the new creative against another Nestle Professional’s base brand – CHEF – to see what resonates more and why.

The Work

Tapped Operator Vantage to ask 202 commercial and non-commercial operators to compare the two. Using a mix of closed and open-ended questions, we were able to understand what operators preferred, and more importantly, why.

The Payoff

Culinary that Connects

“Craft Without Compromise” was the overwhelming preferred campaign because – in the minds of the people who matter – it conveys quality, authenticity and integrity.

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